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China truck light brake pedal into emergency braking

1. Failure for china truck

1) balancing spring up and down between Block sintering, stuck of the spring into the rigid body, the intake port can not be closed at rated pressure, causing the valve is normally open, the output air pressure is high.

2) brake control valve lower body throttle clogging air outlet and balance cavity, so that the brake chamber air pressure ultra-limits, balanced cavity but no air pressure on the diaphragm and the core tube to mention air intake is not timely Close , brake chamber intake increased pressure.

2. Troubleshooting for china truck

1) Clear balance springs debris, restore its flexibility and its freedom of movement. Upper and lower seat sliding surfaces have a serious strain on a new piece.

2) clear the balance chamber throttle small pores.

3) Adjust the maximum output pressure to normal values.

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