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Cold starting system for howo truck

In cold regions, winter starter must rely on low-temperature starting system. The low temperature of howo truck starting system has two types. A flame preheating system intake manifold.
Flame to heat the system to thermal relay, solenoid valves, preheat plug, temperature sensor and preheat indicator.

When the key switch is turned to the "warm-up" position when the engine water temperature is below 23 degrees, the relay will plug into the manifold preheat switched, while marked "START" preheat indicator lights 50 seconds after the light is blinking prompt the operator can start the moment press the start button, the solenoid valve 3 is turned on, the red burning fuel sprayed into the glow plug combustion fire, preheat intake with the starter motor to drive the engine rotation the engine to start quickly. The engine starter rear intake Preheat will automatically stop for 1-2 minutes. Should the temperature is above 23 degrees, spin to the normal operating position on the key switch, the light turns on for 3 seconds and then turns off, the preheating device does not work, can directly start the engine. Indicator such as damage to the device to stop working, and one or two glow plugs open circuit, the light blinks for 15 seconds, then turns off, the device stopped working. The alternative is to take a cold starting device starting fluid. Cold start liquid explosive mixed fuel. Before starting a small amount of cold starting fluid to the cylinder injection, low-temperature combustion in order to play the role. It is worth noting: cold starting fluid burning violently, so use a pay attention to controlling the injection quantity, after starting to pay attention to not allow an immediate increase in the speed and load, otherwise it will seriously affect the diesel engine life.

The cold start system for howo truck is optional mechanism, the user must be requested before to install.

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