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Engine of howo dump truck idling-stop, while the normal spin faster

1. Failure

Multi governor low speed excellent spring, preload excessive or due to spring break.

In the idling condition of howo dump truck, due to changes in the internal resistance, the governor at low speed and force of the spring moment with the centrifugal force to maintain balance, in order to maintain a lower operation speed spring does not work at this time. Excellent low-speed spring or too soft (or broken) will lose normal to maintain equilibrium and the centrifugal force stretch, the idle oil Trolley position also undermine. If the elastic force is too large, the centrifugal force is relatively increased, less oil will advance to the stalling position. Only when the engine internal resistance increases, the speed decreases, the spring force to increase oil; in the internal resistance is reduced, the centrifugal force so that the oil decreases, but even to maintain a lower speed. Once there is a malfunction, will lose balance, they can not maintain the state of the idling operation under the centrifugal force and elastic.

2, Troubleshooting

Governor low speed spring with normal contrast, or in the spring testing on test stretch, unqualified should be replaced.

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