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HOWO main trailer lacks braking force

1. Failure

1) The maximum output pressure adjusting screw screwed too, limits the maximum amount of deformation of the balance spring, into the brake chamber air pressure is insufficient.
The intake and exhaust ports, but at the same time off.

2) brake control valve upper body debris falling into the pull arm stoppers adjustment screw to restrict the normal pull arm swing stroke, resulting in a maximum output air pressure

2. Troubleshooting

1) whorls clear the debris between the upper body pull arm stoppers adjustment screw with wire or screws.

2) when the brake pedal in the end, unscrew the adjustment screw to make brake valve output pressure of 539-589KPA. Then adjust the limit screws and pull the arm
Block contact. Re the brake pedal in the end, the brake pressure is still above value, tighten the lock ended nut.

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