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How to repair all models of howo Truck Diesel Injector

For howo Truck maintenance of the injector is very cumbersome, so today we are on for the next injector how to overhaul.

1) to observe the number of holes are the same two injector spray, spray angle and range are quite a big difference that was seized injector spray holes to plug, should be timely and clear.
If no tee can be seized injectors and standard injectors were installed in the high pressure tubing connector, starter drive the engine is running, and for jet comparison, in order to observe seized injector spray quality.

2) Check the injector fuel injection pressure: observed two injector fuel injection time, both fuel injection, that was seized injector fuel injection pressure is normal. Otherwise, the response regulator spring adjustment and inspection of internal parts, in order to achieve the two injector fuel injection time consistent. In addition, it should be observed the two injector Minting moment whether the same, if not, should adjustment or replacement of the regulator springs of the subject injector.

3) the quality of the overhaul injector fuel injection: if they are seized injector fuel injection poor quality, you should turn off the engine, the the two injector nozzle with the touch of a finger, more if they are seized injector nozzle diesel, indicating that the injector needle valve closed lax response to the needle valve grinding repair or replace the oil valve couplings.

(1) overhaul injector fault with the same type of standard injector and a homemade T-shaped three-way connector, first overhaul of the injectors and remove the corresponding high-pressure tubing, tee connected to the high pressure injection pump tubing connector and standard injector and repair injector were connected to the tees. Let the engine idling, observe the two injector spray.

(2) maintenance of the injector needle sealing start the engine let it idle, loosen a cylinder Injector high pressure tubing connector outflow diesel containing a small amount or a large number of bubbles, indicating the injector needle Mifengbuyan or stuck in the closed position; outflow diesel clean no bubbles, and tighten the tubing joints, engine speed did not change, and the hands touching the tubing pulsating strong, indicating that the needle valve card refuses to fuel injection. Emergence of the above two cases, the response of the fuel injector to be repaired or replaced.

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