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The engine of china truck is diffcult to start

When engine of china truck to normal speed rotation of the crankshaft, but launched vain.

1. Failure

1) no oil in the fuel tank, fuel tank switch is open or not open the air valve (fuel tank to form a vacuum).

2) fuel system the air, 氺, or air filter, fuel filter clogged.

3) pipeline rupture, touch deflated or obstruction, pipe joints loose, or filter clogging.

4) The fuel pump does not pump oil, the valve is closed lax, the ejector piston bite or spring break; hand pump piston seal damage.

5) the failure of the fuel injection pump

6) the failure of the injector

7) injection pump the tappet wheel or cam wear off very.

8) the crank linkage or valve train failure.

2. Troubleshooting

Can not start the engine due to the fuel system fault should Piecewise inspection, analysis, to be addressed.

1) Check that the fuel tank, oil fuel tank switch is turned on, whether the fuel tank cap air valve can be opened.

2) check the fuel system for air, 氺 or clogging fuel unimpeded.

3) Check the fuel injection pump high-pressure tubing with or without abnormal active plate and driven plate connection, the plunger spring whether the broken and stuck plunger whether to bite.

4) injector is removed from the cylinder head, connected to a high-pressure tubing screw with leveraging the injection pump plunger to see if the fuel injection situation.

5) Check the air filter, diesel filter for blockage; necessary should also check with gas-phase fault. Clear or replace the filter.

6) Remove the fuel injection pump to the calibration of the test rig.

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