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The engine of howw dump truck wastes more fuel

The reasons for the failure of howo dump truck and how to maintain it

1) Fuel Variation or oil is too large. Individual cylinder fuel injection pump fuel supply should be adjusted by changing the relative position of the oil rod fork or tooth fan sets to limit the amount of oil.

2) injection timing inappropriate. Pad thickness or screws height adjust individual plunger tappet the (roller body) to the starting point, to change the fuel injection pressure, the continuous injection duration and each cycle fuel supply much.

3) injector atomization bad. Cleaning, grinding or replacement of the fuel injector of the injector spray quality inspection.

4) the injection pressure is too low. Because the pressure is low, resulting in injector poor quality injector regulator spring it can be adjusted to increase the stretch.

5) The engine intake air, the exhaust is not blocked. Deal with the resistance of the larger parts to do the cleaning, dredge, or replace the filter.

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