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What issues should pay attention to,when your purchase heavy truck china

Purchase a new dump truck china to master the main technical parameters of the models, including the maximum speed of 100 km fuel consumption, fuel specifications, braking performance, braking distance, the minimum turning radius, number of cylinders, the engine maximum power, torque, etc..

Road test: hard acceleration, slow acceleration, faster speed, idle to see the engine work. Get off to observe any abnormal discharge flue gas; on the train, Songla brake brake handle, test the brakes brake;-gear the Qingtai clutch pedal, test whether the clutch engages smoothly; depresses the brake pedal, whether or not the test tube line oil spill leak, start turning left and right steering wheel is flexible; parking, check the adjustment of components and adapter parts.

The check internal: Check the combination of the dashboard, air conditioning, wiper, Radio-cassette players, overhead lights, side lights, speed handle, horn buttons, cigarette lighter; tests within the locks, seat belt hook plate, fixed plate, seat belt automatic volume with the seat belt buckle; seat adjustment with or without card slot.

Check external: paint is bright, body whether the collision damage, locks situation; mirrors, front and rear glass, the presence or absence of cracks, bumps; wiper blades, spare tire, basic tools, vehicle accessories are complete; engine, chassis any leaks in the oil situation; whether to add a little oil, gear oil, gasoline, cooling water, battery electrolyte is a lot less; check the tire pressure, front and rear bumper with or without bumps; check the headlights, lights, turn signals, anti-fog lights, brake lights, reversing lights.

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