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What problems you would pay attention to for you to dirve HOWO truck at night

Driving howo truck at night for drivers at night because of lighting problems, there are some blind spots, give driving bring some difficulties. Therefore very important to master in night driving skills. Let us look in by SONG reached, eds, Central Compilation and Translation Press "car driving experience of canon said.

The car is traveling at night on the way, to be timely to look at the work of the instrument. Engine and chassis any abnormal sound or abnormal odor.

Driving at night, strictly control the speed of the fundamental measures to ensure safety. Maintain moderate speed, pay attention to increase following distance, ready to stop. Should increase following distance to avoid a hazard, and to prevent the occurrence of front and rear car collide accident.

Driving in the city, to pay attention to pedestrians crossing the road from the left. Especially our street lights on city roads, almost all in the sides of the road, near the road centerline light is very dark, more should pay attention to this case.

Night driving, speed below 30 km / h should use low beam lights, the lights illuminate 30 meters away. More than 30 km / h, the speed should use the high beam, lights must illuminate 100 meters away.
When traveling on the road there are lights, dimming lights or low beam lights and show a wide lights.

Night through the intersection should be 50 to 100 meters from the intersection deceleration and high beam becomes nearly light, at the same time turn on the turn signal to indicate travel direction.

Driving at night generally do not use the horn. Usually used the distance light repeatedly interchanged using, instead of the warning road conditions ahead. Temporary parking at night or stop for any reason, you should always open showing the wide lights, license plate light.

Night should avoid overtaking. Must overtake the front of the case should be accurately ascertain, confirm that the conditions are ripe, and then follow up on the vehicle in front, distance lighting (if necessary horn with the continuous transformation), notice the front vehicle to yield, in determining when the vehicle in front has indeed allows to make way beyond party can overtake. The workshop should be appropriate to increase the distance when overtaking.

Driving at night, you should pay attention to the road barriers, road construction, the lights must slow down, dark location, the road is not easy to discern. Distress to be lots, should be stopped for a look and clarify the situation and then travels.

Poor sightline at night, the road sector is unclear, often the vehicle deviates from the normal trajectory or adopt measures less than an unexpected situation. Motorists should reduce traffic speed to increase observation, decision-making and response time.

When the night reversing or turn around, you have to get off to find out the advance and retreat of terrain, up and down and around the margin of safety, and then reversing or U-turn, forward, rewind multi aggressive, not see the target, available flashlight or other light shines

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