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Why the vacuum degree is adequate but dump truck is ineffective hydraulic brake

Why does this happen? Here we analyze howo dump truck.

1) auxiliary cylinder (pressurized cylinder) piston center hole with steel balls (ball) Mifengbuyan brake fluid from the auxiliary cylinder piston center hole leak, the brake hydraulic reduced, resulting in poor brake booster.

2) vacuum turbocharger air filter clogged, causing the air can not enter or enter less pressure generated.

3) brake control valve hydraulic piston apron damage, etc. cause the air valve can not be opened, or the degree of opening is sufficient, the air can not enter the added effort chamber or entering amount small, the generated pressure difference is small and can not make the added effort chamber diaphragm and pusher produce the necessary thrust, causing adverse supercharged.

4) afterburner putt ring damage, the brake fluid is drawn into the power cylinder. The leakage of the brake fluid caused by the hydraulic reduced, resulting in lack of the degree of opening of the air valve.

This occurs when? Let what should be how to solve it?

1) Check the rod ends sealed steel ball with the seal of the piston center hole, grinding or replacement parts in order to seal.

2) Cleaning the air filter, replace the brake control valve piston of Aprons and putting seals.

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